Going shopping for food can be troublesome for many. That is especially true when finding the right foods that will get and keep us healthy. Like many of you, I’ve done my share of getting the wrong foods. It has become very confusing with all the labels and the marketing.

I mean, how can we know what to trust regarding what is in what we buy? Nothing seems to be what it says it is, at least on the front of a package of so-called food. I remember buying some bread I thought was healthy when it said it was whole wheat on the front of the package. It turned out to have a combination of whole wheat and enriched wheat.

We have to learn to read the labels when we shop for any packaged food. On top of that, we have to learn to understand the labels. When something says serving size, you should know that a serving size may not be what you assume it is. Take a can of soda, usually it is 2 servings. Many people will get confused and believe that they are drinking one serving size when they are actually doubling it. This also includes double the amount of calories.

That will be the same with all packaged foods. Each serving size represents a certain amount of calories along with any vitamins and minerals it may contain. A serving size could be ½ cup and you may believe it to be 1 cup. Use a measuring cup to make sure you are getting the right amount of calories, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. russian grocery store

If you can, learn to shop on the outside isles of a grocery store. That is where the healthier foods are located. Those will include fresh vegetables and fruit, meats, milk items, and all other non-processed foods. If you do shop in the interior isles, go for the frozen vegetables. They are usually pretty fresh. Just make sure there is nothing else added that will boost calories and have preservatives.

Some cereals are okay so long as they have very little preservatives, calories, sugar, and salt. Additionally they should have high amounts of fiber. It’s the same with breads. Both should be whole grains.

Fish that is flash frozen fresh will usually be fresher than the fish in the meat section. You may also want to go to some of the smaller specialty food stores for some of these items. In my area we have Trader Joes and Whole Foods. Both are good stores.

You may want to go to some farmers’ markets in your area for fresh fruits and vegetables. These are usually locally grown and even organic.

Grocery stores can be great as long as you take your time and plan for your needs and where the items you want are located. By buying right and eating more at home, you and your family will live a much healthier lifestyle so long as you also incorporate some exercise to it.

Have fun and eat healthy, okay?

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