Forums are a great way to create many great back links to your website. Not only will you get many great back links but you can also get lots of free traffic. Plus hanging out in the forums is a great way to socialize and take a break from your work.

With so many forums around today you should be able to find a forum in any niche or market. Every forum is different and has a different set of rules which you must abide by if you want to participate. So be sure to read these before you begin.

So How Can You Build Back Links?

Most forums allow you to add a signature which will show up with every post that you make. So the more posts that you make the more back links you will create. These posts can be anything from asking a question to answering a question. 구글광고대행

You can also start a new thread with a new post that will be a help to someone else. With any kind of post you make, you can add links to other websites including your own as long as you are within the guidelines of the forum.

How Often Should You Post?

You can post in the forums as often as you like making at least one to several posts per day. The more you post the more back links you will build.

When posting make sure that you do not spam, and make sure that every post is helpful so that others will be able to benefit from it in one way or another. If others see you as a spammer they will simply ignore you and not click through to your website and you may even get suspended from the forum.

Which Forums Should You Post On

When posting on forums with the intention of building back links you should look for forums with high rankings in the search engines. The higher the forum ranks the more valuable the links will be coming from those forums.

There are free tools which you can download to help you find the page rankings of different websites.

So spending a few hours each day in several high ranking forums will give you a tremendous amount of free traffic to your website. This is the fastest way to build legitimate and quality back links to your website. But forums should not be your only means of building back links, as the more websites that are sending you traffic the better you will do in the search engines.

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